Youngman Farm Celebrates 80 Years

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The children and grandchildren of Norman and Alice Youngman hosted a family reunion to celebrate the 80 year anniversary of Youngman Farm.  
	Those present to help honor their heritage with Norman and Alice were: 
	Linda Randall, Mike, Angela, Savannah, Breahna, and Leona Randall of Lawrence, KS.
	Chris Berger, Monica Dittmer, Cayden, Orion, London, and Austyn of Eudora, KS.
	David Youngman of Olathe, KS.
	Kevin Youngman, Derek, Bobbi, Camden, and Hadley Youngman of Spring Hill, KS.
	Haley Youngman, Levi Ladesic and Lilith of Kansas City, KS.
	Thorton Youngman, John Tucker, Amber Green, Tressa, Isabella, Micah, and Michael Atwood of Columbia, MO.
	Regan Youngman and Barry Godsey of Kansas City, MO.
	Mike Youngman, Krystyna and Liam Norman, Krystal Holcomb, of Wichita Falls, TX.
	Viola Mae Starmer, Dwight Youngman, Ray Youngman, and Lydia Youngman of Bethany, MO.
	Of special note, family member Lydia Youngman has recently returned to Bethany from a US Military Base in Germany after a 30 year teaching career.
	We were blessed with a beautiful day to share the love and legacy which began in 1942.