School Breakfast & Lunch Menus for the Week of May 13-17

May 09, 2024



Monday - Muffin, sausage, fruit;

Tuesday - Cereal, yogurt, fruit;

Wednesday - Biscuit & gravy, fruit;

Thursday - Mini donuts, yogurt, fruit;

Friday - French toast sticks, fruit.


Monday - Chicken patty/bun, broccoli & cheese, applesauce, cookie;

Tuesday - Beefy nachos, tortilla chips, Spanish rice, fruit cup;

Wednesday - Ham & cheese sandwich, chips, vegetable, fruit;

Thursday - Chicken wrap, cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red pepper strips, oranges;

Friday - Chicken nuggets, string cheese, cucumbers, banana.


CDSE Breakfast

Cereal, toast, fruit and/or juice & milk available daily.

Monday - Cereal, toast, banana;

Tuesday - Scrambled eggs, toast;

Wednesday - Breakfast bars, toast;

Thursday - Scooby snacks w/peanut butter;

Friday - Biscuit & gravy.

CDSE Lunch

Monday - Uncrustable grape w/cheese stick, pork & beans, peaches;

Tuesday - 1.) Chicken strips, 2.) Popcorn chicken, 3.) Country fried chicken patty, 4.) Fish shapes, cucumber slices, fruit;

Wednesday - Corn dog, potato salad, banana;

Thursday - Burger, sweet potato fries;

Friday - 1.) Pepperoni pizza, 2.) Cheese pizza.


Grab-N-Go Breakfast Available Daily

Monday - 1. Pizza cruncher, pork & beans, marinara;

Tuesday - 1.) Tenderloin sandwich, 2.) Breaded chicken filet sandwich, 3.) Breaded steak sandwich, lettuce, tomato, onion;

Wednesday - Corn dog, potato salad, banana;

Thursday - Burger, sweet potato fries, mixed fruit;

Friday - Cheese pizza, mixed fruit.